Wednesday, May 29, 2013



Now that my year in the UK is over I was invited to go to St. Tropez with my family and some close friends. It's been pure relaxation and a lot of fun! During my ten days in France I've done and seen so much that I am not even able to remember everything in detail, but what definitely got stuck in my mind is the 'Festival de Cannes'. We've seen a lot of celebs like Paul Wesley, Matt Damon and Michael Douglas; we were also having a super yum dinner at an Italian restaurant and the most amazing party I've ever been to! So whenever you are in Cannes searching for 'the event' with hot entertainment and the most amazing acts you should check out VIP Room
Well, it was simply what I needed to be able to rethink everything I experienced in the passed year and I noticed that I've been missing my friends more than I thought. It feels so good to have people surrounding you that you can rely on. I am really lucky to have friends who are there for me all the time (Katy & Michelle, I still miss u so much!). 

All in all it's been the most wonderful time and for now I am going to leave you guys alone scrolling through the pictures. I really hope that you'll get a slight impression of how beautyful and inspiring this stunning french costside really is...

Have fun, Alisa.

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  1. I miss u aswell, but I am happy that you had such a good time. <3