Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Last Sunday I went downtown with Katy, a very good friend of mine and Alain, a very interesting person and photographer. It was simply breathtaking! All the Christmas lights are switched on, since the last weekends big opening event, leaded by Robby Williams . Although here in London I can honestly tell you, they are not just decoration rather than that they change the whole atmosphere and it feels like you just experience a whole new city it's self! Usually I am not really that "Christmassy Person" and every time I used to see a chocolate Santa in the stores in early November I couldn't help but rolled my eyes. Now, because I am going back to Germany to see my family and friends during the holidays it feels like all the Christmas stuff/adverts/decoration/etc. is looking forward to the big day, just as I do!
And hey... I already started to prepare the presents! I can tell: that is veeeeeeery unusual for me :D! I am more the "last minute" kind of person! Have a lovely time!

sweater/asos// trouser/Zara// furvest/Mango// Boots/Lazamani// bag/Chanel// Gloves/

Sunday, November 4, 2012


A simple post about my favorite "night-out" outfit. I love these shoes and now I finally found a perfect matching skirt! For me this combination is the perfect "classy look" and yesterday evening when my boyfriend and me have been invited to the frenchconnection exhebition I felt more than just comfortable with wearing it!
Have fun altogether(!) and I promise you don't have to wait that long until my next post ;).

bracelet/shirt/h&m// heels/miumiu// skirt/river island// purse/LV// tight/tabio//