Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Puh! I just have a few weekends left in the UK before going back home. It seems to me like the time over here has really been passing by so quick! Last weekend I decided to finally go and see 'Portobelllo Market', because I haven't seen it yet. As everything over here looks super retro at the moment, I decided to go with these unusual round but also edgy sunnies to match my environment :)! What do you think?

Have fun! 

leather vest/ jacket/ maze// bag/ ofwit&will// ring/ h&m// nailpolish/ maxfactor/ 14/ dazzling blue//
 sweater/ ci ci london//

Sunday, April 21, 2013


If you ever search for a place to go when you are in London, I can highly recommend 'Brick Lane'. This is THE PLACE for you to search for vintage clothes, hide away from the tourists, simply relax and meet very interesting people as you might just walk into Kate Moss. Thats what really happend to a friend of mine (!!!). There is also an awesome Tattoo Studio if you think of getting inked in the UK.
When I reviewed the pictures we took that day I recognised that I might have a little motorbike/everything that has 2 wheels- obsession! But I must confess, they are just sooooo cool! :)


Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Yey! Spring is coming, finally…
and to celebrate that, the girls and me have decided to go to the beach!
Well, I would say our journey started in a little pub in London where we’ve been drinking the best cider I`ve had in a while (Rekorderlig, strawberry-lime) , discussing what might espect us. Next thing I know we are sitting in a bus heading towards Cornwall. The bloody nightbus was just horrible! No space at all, the most uncomfortable seats and all that for the next 10 hours. We all know what that means: sleepless night! Yey!

Luckily we are all still young and therefore after at least brushing our teeth in the nearest coffee shop the next morning we were ready to start our first-day-trip!
We took a bus from Penzanze (where we arrived) to Porthcourno to see the coast and an old english theatre which was built out of the cliff rocks and just looked breathtaking. After that we took a taxi to Lands End where we ended up in the tourist shop fooling around because everything we wanted to see we either had to pay for , was just tourist crap, or,well, both.
Time was running incredibly fast, because now its been time for our preplanned-huge-tasty-yammy-dinner and a little walk through St. Ives where we also had our  overnight accomodation.
 Weaking up the next morning felt like a dream. The smell of freshly made pancakes was in the air, we all slept very well (out of a little incident in the middle oft he night :D )  and the weather seemed to be pretty good! Our plan was now to walk to a cottage on a hill near  the coast and then go to Meracion where you can actually walk on a little path through the sea  to get to a tiny island where there is an old castle we wanted to visit. After that we took some time to just relax at the sunny beach before heading home. This time with a train (!).

The whole weekend was just awesome and I do highly recommend everyone to go to Cornwall at least once in a lifetime. You just wouln’t think of that when you think of England, because it felt more like beeing in some summertime vacation paradise! It seems like the UK has a lot more to offer than everyone including me is thinking.

What I just want to say in the end is: THANK YOU! Michelle, Anja & Katy! Without your planning talents and well, simply  without all of you it would have never ever been that great,  unforgettable and that much fun! And I would probably still be there because i got lost :D…

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


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