Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Last Sunday I went downtown with Katy, a very good friend of mine and Alain, a very interesting person and photographer. It was simply breathtaking! All the Christmas lights are switched on, since the last weekends big opening event, leaded by Robby Williams . Although here in London I can honestly tell you, they are not just decoration rather than that they change the whole atmosphere and it feels like you just experience a whole new city it's self! Usually I am not really that "Christmassy Person" and every time I used to see a chocolate Santa in the stores in early November I couldn't help but rolled my eyes. Now, because I am going back to Germany to see my family and friends during the holidays it feels like all the Christmas stuff/adverts/decoration/etc. is looking forward to the big day, just as I do!
And hey... I already started to prepare the presents! I can tell: that is veeeeeeery unusual for me :D! I am more the "last minute" kind of person! Have a lovely time!

sweater/asos// trouser/Zara// furvest/Mango// Boots/Lazamani// bag/Chanel// Gloves/

Sunday, November 4, 2012


A simple post about my favorite "night-out" outfit. I love these shoes and now I finally found a perfect matching skirt! For me this combination is the perfect "classy look" and yesterday evening when my boyfriend and me have been invited to the frenchconnection exhebition I felt more than just comfortable with wearing it!
Have fun altogether(!) and I promise you don't have to wait that long until my next post ;).

bracelet/shirt/h&m// heels/miumiu// skirt/river island// purse/LV// tight/tabio//

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Good morning!
This is a simple post about my instagram pictures. To be honest I don't really know where all the likes and the nearly 400 followers come from but THANK YOU ALL ;)!!
Another huge THANK YOU is going to my readers and the ones who are leaving such kind comments underneath my pictures! Oh, and by the way I have to tell you that I am actually really sorry about the quality of most of the pictures. This is just because I don't have a proper camera jet. In fact all the pictures are just taken with my mobile phone...
But don't worry! As soon as I am able to stop my shopping addiction, this is definitely one of my next expenditures :D!

I really appreciate every single one of you! Doesn't matter if blog-follower, instagram-follower, leaving a comment-er, or just reader! THANKS A LOT ❤❤❤!

Und nun nochmal ein extra Dankeschön für all meine deutschen Leser! Ihr seid und bleibt natürlich immer die Besten ;)! Tut mir leid wenn ich immer bloß Englisch schreibe, aber das versteht (fast) jeder und das mit den 2 Sprachen ist mir ganz einfach zu kompliziert und dann sieht das auf den ersten Blick aus als würde ich Romane schreiben... Oh, ich glaube der Post ist auch wieder einer geworden..! Naja, was soll's! Wollte euch eigentlich nur sagen: Ich hab euch gern!


Monday, September 10, 2012


I spent a night out with a few friends and I met a really gorgeous & talented photographer named Min Hyuk
Jang. We sat in this lovely little café which reminded me of the few days I spent in France, Paris last year. We also went on a party but that was just that typical cocktails, dancing, music stuff ;)! I am living in the UK for nearly three months now and even through I do miss my family and friends I appreciate every single day in this amazing area of England. Everybody over here is so handsome and open-minded!
Special thanks are going to a friend of mine who sponsored me the outfit you'll see in the pictures below (SERIOUSLY, HE DID THAT!!!)! What should I do over here without you :P!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The last days felt like paradise! I travelled to Ibiza, to see my family and friends. I am unable to describe the atmosphere you feel at this little island in the Mediterranean Sea (79 km off the coast of the city of Valencia in Spain). Therefore I decided to upload all the photos which I took and in addition also a song which became our Ibiza Anthem! If you listen to it while having a look at all the photos- you may be able to get a vague impression of how incredible relaxing these vacations have been! XO & have a good time!

Miguel Campbell- Something Special