Sunday, June 30, 2013


"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." 
-Pablo Picasso

Since art became a very important part of my life I try to see as many exhebitions and artworks as possible. This year I was really looking forward to the 'Art Basel', because their aim was not just to show us  prestigious personalities like Max Ernst, Klee, Louise Bourgeois, Miro,Warhol and Jeff Koons rather then to represent a lot of  'newcomer artists' as well. I am really sorry to tell you that I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the artworks but I can honestly tell you that some of them were really exciting and surprising!
to get a slight impression of the atmosphere here are some pictures...

dress/ Eureka Italia// shoes/ Prada/ Miu Miu//

Friday, June 14, 2013


top/ zara// shorts/ acne// shoes/janet&janet// ring/ svarowski// bracelet/ pandora// necklace/ adam&eve// 

Monday, June 3, 2013


This dress I am showing you means a lot to me. Not just because I got it from a person who is very important to me but also because it really is my first summer'ish' item I got this year and I love it! You've probably noticed it in my last post from St. Tropez. Well, since there is nothing more to say really here are the pictures...

dress/ lydia bright// hairband/ poppydaisy// ring/ h&m//

Wednesday, May 29, 2013



Now that my year in the UK is over I was invited to go to St. Tropez with my family and some close friends. It's been pure relaxation and a lot of fun! During my ten days in France I've done and seen so much that I am not even able to remember everything in detail, but what definitely got stuck in my mind is the 'Festival de Cannes'. We've seen a lot of celebs like Paul Wesley, Matt Damon and Michael Douglas; we were also having a super yum dinner at an Italian restaurant and the most amazing party I've ever been to! So whenever you are in Cannes searching for 'the event' with hot entertainment and the most amazing acts you should check out VIP Room
Well, it was simply what I needed to be able to rethink everything I experienced in the passed year and I noticed that I've been missing my friends more than I thought. It feels so good to have people surrounding you that you can rely on. I am really lucky to have friends who are there for me all the time (Katy & Michelle, I still miss u so much!). 

All in all it's been the most wonderful time and for now I am going to leave you guys alone scrolling through the pictures. I really hope that you'll get a slight impression of how beautyful and inspiring this stunning french costside really is...

Have fun, Alisa.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


With no plans but a super long weekend ahead we spontinously decided to do a 'road trip' to one of Englands very well known sea side places called Brighton. Both, the pier and the beach were pretty awesome but what really amazed me was a unknown coast where we've just been driving past.  We could definitely not help but stop the car, spending SEVERAL hours just enjoying the breathtaking view.

I think the pictures speak for themselves...

Have fun X, Alisa.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013



Halli Hallo my lovelies;
I just wanted to share my beloved new clutch that has just arrived. Combined with my new shades I got from 'Brick Lane' last weekend this is probably the perfect match to add a bit of casual coolness to all outfit combinations. Both very simple items but, or especially because of their striking shape an eye-catcher. As 'retro' seems to be the new trend that I especially fell in love with these two items are surely to be continued...

clutch/ asos// shades/ rayflector 188//

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Puh! I just have a few weekends left in the UK before going back home. It seems to me like the time over here has really been passing by so quick! Last weekend I decided to finally go and see 'Portobelllo Market', because I haven't seen it yet. As everything over here looks super retro at the moment, I decided to go with these unusual round but also edgy sunnies to match my environment :)! What do you think?

Have fun! 

leather vest/ jacket/ maze// bag/ ofwit&will// ring/ h&m// nailpolish/ maxfactor/ 14/ dazzling blue//
 sweater/ ci ci london//